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DK-NEURO R150 capsules is available as white, blue, opaque hard gelatin capsules for oral administration every capsule contains 150 IU of Neuro peptide,5 mg L-tyrosine and gelatin. Supplied in Oral Solid Dosage 'form' (tablets/capsules) a nutritional supplement and/or Oral Solid Dosage as medicine drugs.

Efficacy and safety: DK-NEURO R150 are one of the best biological peptides that can Improve intelligence, enhance memory ability, sleeping, and relieve abnormal never tension dizziness and tiredness. Pieces of proteins called peptides have a significant effect on how well your body works too. A lot of your body’s processes sit waiting to be turned on, and peptides are the signaling molecules that kick things into motion. All of your major hormones are peptide hormones. What is cool about supplementing peptides is that your body already knows what to do. The signaling peptides simply switch these functions “on.”

Think of peptides as a piece of a protein. Proteins are made up of smaller units called amino acids, linked together in various ways to perform different functions. When you have at least two amino acids linked together, you can call it a peptide. Proteins do different things in your body depending on how they are configured, and peptides have their own functions as well depending on how their amino acids are linked together.

Peptides signal specific body and cell functions, and what they tell your body to do depend on how amino acids are bonded together. Over 20 of your hormones are peptide hormones.

For example, ghrelin is a peptide hormone that stimulates your appetite, and luteinizing hormone tells your body to make testosterone. These are vastly different functions that have different configurations, and their function depends entirely on how the amino acids in the peptide are linked together.

You lose your ability to digest protein as you age. Common conditions like thyroid disease and an imbalanced microbiome may cause sluggish digestion as well. Your stomach produces less acid, your digestive enzyme production decreases, and you do not absorb as much nutrition from your food as you should. When you digest proteins, your body breaks them down into amino acids then re-assembles them into peptides and proteins that you can use.

If you take peptides in their functional form (assuming it is stable enough to do it signaling before it breaks down), your digestive system can bypass a few steps. Just as people have been experimenting with nootropics, or cognitive-enhancing supplements, people have been experimenting with peptides to improve memory, concentration, and focus on their everyday lives. A growing body of research shows that this may be an effective way to increase your concentration, recall, and more. Researchers showed that TXM peptides may reduce the enzyme activity that damages brain cells after brain injury or general inflammation. One study showed that consuming whey high in a peptide called GTWY improved beneficial effects on cognitive performance, learning and attention and may prevent age-related cognitive decline. Larger brains in humanoids are associated with the development of cooking skills, access to food, energy savings and upright walking and running; all of these features require coordination with cognitive strategies that are centres in successful feeding. Dietary consumption of omega-3 fatty acids is one of the best-studied interactions between food and brain evolution.

Neural circuits that are involved in feeding behavior show precise coordination with brain centres that modulate energy homeostasis and cognitive function. The effects of food on cognition and emotions can start before the act of feeding itself, as the recollection of foods through olfactory and visual sensory inputs alters the emotional status of the brain.

Mode of action: Neurons are nerve cells, which communicate through. Positive and negative ions in an appropriate balance inside and outside of a neuron determine if the neuron is at rest or at work. DK-NEURO R150 Is a novel discovered neuro peptide protein from glia cell for treatment of the neurological diseases, works by eliminating the byproducts that stagnates around the nerve cells and remove them as soon as they are formed giving the cell the ability to maintain a state of balance and normal transmission path of the neurological signals, DK-NEURO R150 can enhance the nerve synaptic conjugation, also it activates the immune cells specially CD4 T –cells which play the main role in nerve cells regulations.

• Multiple sclerosis, Seizure, Bell’s palsy, cerebral palsy, motor nerve disease (MND), Neurofibromatosis. Depression, sleep disorders.
• Dose and Administration: DK-NEURO R150 must not be mixed with other products. The recommended dose is one capsule two-time daily one hour after meal.
• How supplied: DK-NEURO R 150 capsule is supplied in box contains 30 white, blue capsules. DK-NEURO R150


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