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CRCx-V Inactivated Therapeutic vaccines immune peptides

The Inactivated vaccines contain whole bacteria or viruses which have been killed or small parts of bacteria or viruses, such as proteins or sugars, which cannot cause disease. There are several different types of inactivated vaccine. The inactivated vaccines do not contain any live bacteria or viruses, they cannot cause the diseases against which they protect, even in people with severely weakened immune systems. However, inactivated vaccines do not always create such a strong or long-lasting immune response as live vaccines. They usually require repeated doses and/or booster doses. Adjuvants such as aluminum salts are often added to inactivated vaccines. These are substances which help to strengthen and lengthen the immune response to the vaccine.

An In-depth Look into the Structure of the SARS-CoV2 Spike Glycoprotein

Description: This template was adapted from the original submission. Edits were made to enhance scientific accuracy, optimal usability and/or to meet industry-leading design standards for science communication. The S glycoprotein of the newly discovered SARS- CoV2 is composed of two subunits, S1 and S2, and is commonly represented as a sword-like spike. The real structure of this protein, however, can be observed using crystallography. The Protein Data Bank (PDB) model of this glycoprotein reveals how the subunits are comprised of different regions that are fundamental to the infection process. S1 and S2 are linked together by a polybasic amino acid bridge, which may be important in studying viral targeting.

A new assumption suggests that coronavirus can force the CD4+ T cells to stimulate the B- cell to produce of a pathogenic broadly neutralizing antibodies to mask a proportion of corresponding coronavirus antigens (M, N and S) in circulating immune-complex form (Ag/nAbs) as (IC1, IC2 and IC3) antigen/neutralizing antibody preventing its attacks by CD8+ cytotoxic T cells. These antibodies are the main cause in persisting the viral infection.

Based on this hypothesis, CRCx is an immune peptide combination was created to act as a novel therapeutically intervention for curing and preventing coronavirus infection. by coupling (Ag/nonspecific Abs) in one form differs from the already existed circulating immune-complex (CIC) that share (Ag/specific Abs).The main aim for this novel immune peptide CRCx is to stimulate the attention of CD8+ T cells towards the other hidden circulating immune complex form (Ag/specific Abs), to put the CD8+ in state of confusion to distinguish between the existing CIC and the similar intruder noncomplex, These interactions will trigger a series of immunoregulatory responses, involving both innate and adaptive immune systems and including cross-presentation of antigens, activation of CD8 + T cells and CD4 + T cells, phagocytosis, complement-mediated antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) and complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC),finally the Cytotoxic choose to destruct both of them.

What should be clarified first? Immune-complex rises when the body's immune system generates antibodies against antigenic determinants of host or foreign substances that recognize and bind to the antigen molecules an immune-complex is formed which comprises these neutralizing Ag / Abs complex. We are understanding coronavirus mode of action and its strategy which reduce research efforts and will open the gate for developing an effective vaccine or therapy that could help to reduce the severity of the disease and prevent the spreading of infection. Based on a new assumption suggests that CD4+ T cells can induce the production of a pathogenic broadly neutralizing anti-coronavirus antibodies to mask a proportion of corresponding coronavirus antigens in immune-complex form (Ag/nAbs) antigen/ neutralizing antibody preventing its attacks by CD8+ T cells, macrophages, and natural killer (NK) cells. Pertaining to previously discussed points, a new mode of action for coronavirus infection was arising that incriminates the neutralizing antibodies as the main cause for the persistence of the coronavirus infection.

The present vaccine immune peptides combination comprising three combinations as (F1), (F2) and (F3) in vials ,every vial comprising specific coronavirus antigens and its non-specific antibodies dissolved in an adjuvant of human albumin, phosphate buffer and Na.chloride, to be injected (S/C, I/M or I/D) for three successive injections for two weeks ,to stimulate a positive immune response to secrete antibodies against the existing CIC and the similar intruder non-complex peptide combination , this form will be subjected to the standardization of the manufacturing instructors’ as pharmaceutical form. (S/C, I/M or I/D)

Figure 1, Description: Describe the new mode of action for Coronavirus were; (A) are the virus particles, (B) is CD4 T-cell as first susceptible cell ,(C) shows the revolution of the CD4+ T-cell to mutate to be unaccountable CD8+ Tcell, (D) are the tendencies of the infected cell first susceptible cell to infects other healthy one and to be a newly form of CD8+ T-cells, (E) is the newly formed infected first susceptible cell,(F) are the cells of the upper and lower respiratory tract as a second susceptible cells, (G) are the productions of the viral antigens particles from the second susceptible cells under the induction of first susceptible cells stimulus transmit ions signals, (H) CD4+ T-cell stimulate the B-cells to produce negative neutralize coating antibodies to form complex with the antigens particles, (I) B-cells producing negative neutralizing antibodies,(J) are the formations of circulating immune complex comprising coronavirus antigens and its specific negative neutralizing antibodies , were (K) is the CD8 + T-cells, (L) shows the inhibitors effect of these complexes in preventing the cytotoxic CD8+ T-cells from attacking these viral particles ,(M) is describe the interaction mechanisms that originate as a result of antagonists between the newly formed mutate CD4 + T-cells and the normal CD8+ T-cells.

Figure 2, Description: shows the immune stimulating action of the CRCx vaccine :Were (A); is the CRCx immune peptide , (B) Every vial comprises the coronavirus antigen in coupled form with the non-specific antibodies,(C)The existed circulating immune complex , (D) CD8+T-cell stimulated to induce a process of scanning and comparing between these non- complex combinations and the already existed during the vaccine injection , also CD8 stimulate a series of immune signals , (E) Stimulation of CD4+ Killer cell , (F) Stimulation of CD4+ Helper cell , (G) CD4+ T-cell send a signal that inhibit the formations of the coronavirus antigens, (H) cytotoxic T-cells secrete IFNy that destruct the circulating immune complex and the intruder Non-complex one , (J) The Destructive complex particles induce the positive antibodies productions from B-cells. (K) Blocks the tendency of CD4 to infect other cell and (L) CD8 + T-cells inhibits the process of CD4+ T-cell mutation.

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