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CRCx-C Potent antiviral peptide

CRCx-C Potent antiviral peptide an Oral Solid Dosage 'form' (tablets/capsules) a nutritional supplement and/or Oral Solid Dosage as medicine drugs. For treats Viral cause respiratory manifestations (SARS-CoV-2). … Mode of action: As instinctive nature in our cells defense, they have the ability to generate counter-responses that are contrary to the virus signals. Believing that they are protecting themselves, but in fact, the virus may understand this reversing behavior and create signals that our immune response will reverse it, causing complete immune network paralysis which explains why there is a delay in the cellular ability to heal from the viral infection. This viral mode of action can induce our B-cells to produce huge amount of IgM antibodies that reflect the severity of cytokines productions and also it causes blockage for the production of IgG that play the main role in enhancing the process of immune recovery. This viral scenario strips away our immune system ability to gain its normal state once again. The CRCx-C monoclonal therapy can reduce the over shooting of IgM production to give the B-cells the chance to produce the retained IgG and help the immune system regains its normal function to stop the virus activity. This expected scenario can reduce the lungs and tissues cellular lose by generating IgG that directs the immune cells to target the infected cells and to distinguish the infected area from the healthy one, also it modulates the changes occurred between levels of Tissue- type plasminogen activator (t-PA) and its inhibitor (PAI-1).

1) Immune deficiency diseases 
2) Bacterial infections 
3) Viral infections 
4) Autoimmune diseases

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